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Biohazard Seeds 

Dear cannalovers!

One more time At PEV Grow are pleased to introduce the Spanish marijuana seeds bank Biohazard Seeds.

With the help of Pablo Blasco from Dr. Cogollo Castellón company, counting with his extensive experience in the cannabis sector as both grower and breeder, sweetens our lives with this select catalogue of cultivars.

Biohazard seeds is a modern seed bank, which has relied on more than 20 years of experience as a family of growers to preserve and reproduce the best clones that have fallen into the hands of Pablo and his breeders, a work meticulously done for the production of feminised and autoflowering seeds.

The aim of its catalogue, totally sybarite and old school designed, is to offer professional and novice growers the cannabis seeds of easy growing, great production and excellent quality/price ratio, having at their fingertips new genetics of exquisite aromas and high psychoactive power, being some of its varieties reproduced and cloned by breeders since the early 90's, preserving all its hybrid vigour, flavor and genetic homogeneity.

Biohazard seeds are rigorously and manually selected, always discarding seeds that have not matured sufficiently, remain moist or have not obtained the right color, size and weight.

Its conservation is carried out in conditions of low humidity and temperature, ensuring all its germination power, resulting in a germination viability of no less than 95%.

Biohazar Seeds uses modern and reliable methods to obtain feminized seeds, being the most used STS, without leaving chemical residues in the seeds and obtaining more than 90% fertile and feminized pollen.

Biohazard Seeds seed formats can be found in packets of 1,3,5,10 and 25 seeds, all packed in rigid, transparent and totally airtight tubes, thus allowing us to see the state of the seeds and their conservation.

Biohazard Seeds commercializes excellent feminised and autoflowering genetics. Among the feminised of great success we can find names like Big Lights, Goddess Kali, Criminal Jack, Napalm, Somanta, Psicotropic and Jawar, many of them of great sativa tendency and very psychedelic.

As for the best-selling autoflowering varieties we have Somachigun, Auto 4:20 and Auto Power, ultra fast varieties, easy to grow with high THC contents that will not leave you indifferent.

In PEV Grow we offer you all its great sybrite catalogue 

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