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PEV Bank Seeds: the best high CBD seeds in our catalogue

The varieties with high CBD content from PEV Bank Seeds are authentic works of art, created by professional breeders specialized in the creation of varieties with high CBD content, perfect for lovers of the medicinal properties of marijuana.

At present, the consumption of CBD is increasing, thanks mainly to the increasing recognition by the scientific community of the medicinal properties of CBD, demonstrated through experiments and research with patients.

The best varieties with high CBD from PEV Bank Seeds:

Kali Mist Auto CBD:

You can find Kali Mist Auto CBD. Characterized by a ratio THC and CBD 1:1, ie with perfectly balanced levels. In outdoor crops, we recommend that you use 18 litre pots and you can get up to 120 grams per plant, and if you place it on the terrace where it receives good amounts of sun, it will become a tall and slender plant.

In indoor cultivation, Kali Mist Auto will be a real beast. If you light it with a 600W HPS lamp and cultivate it using 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, you will be able to collect 500 gr per m2.

CBD Time Feminized:

CBD Time Feminized
is another of our varieties rich in CBD, which of course you should try. Characterized by having CBD levels close to 20% and THC levels that do not exceed 1%. It is not only intended for those who want to enjoy the medicinal properties of marijuana, but also for those who do not support the psychoactive effect of THC and simply want to relax. In interior you will obtain a good yield if you use a culture SCROG, and 9 flowerpots of 11 liters, helped by a system of illumination LEC of 315W. In outside, with a good dose of sun, and a well worked earth you will be able to collect up to 500 gr by plant, of some precious and aromatic buds of high medicinal value.

Widow 2018 Feminized CBD:

One of our most recent creations is the Widow 2018 Feminized CBD. We have improved one of the best known varieties in the world, increasing its levels of Cannabidiol, how have we done? Well very simple, working with the best breeders in Europe. Its fresh aroma and citrus lemon flavour have remained intact, making each puff an authentic sensory experience.

In this strain, we have managed to raise CBD levels to 10% and reduce THC levels below 8%, creating one of the best CBD-rich varieties in the Spanish Cannabis market. Both indoors and outdoors, is very easy to grow, but as always we recommend as we get the best out of it so it can serve as a guide. In interior, we use HPS bulbs of 600w, and 9 pots of 11 liters so you can easily collect up to 450 gr per m2. Outdoors, CBD Widow 2018 Feminized, needs a warm and soft climate to reach its best version, and be able to collect up to 500 gr per plant.

Feminized CBD C99:

If you are a lover of the Sativas varieties, you are in luck, because we have created the feminized CBD C99. With a ratio of CBD / THC 1:1, which has been achieved with the crossing of Grapefruit and Pineapple, with a variety with high content in CBD that were retro crossed for 5 generations.

The organoleptic properties of this variety will not leave you indifferent, with a flavor in which we have the sweetness derived from Grapefruit with hints of grapefruit and the pineapple-flavored power of Pineapple. Indoors, you will need a good extraction system, because from the first moment, it gives off a very intense aroma. We have managed to collect up to 450 gr per m2, with 9 pots of 11 liters and a LEC lighting system of 315W. Outdoors, if you have the opportunity to plant it in mother earth, using the appropriate preventive products to avoid problems, you will obtain magnificent results, being able to collect up to 500 gr per plant.


Discover all the auto-flowering varieties from the catalogue of our seed bank, PEV Bank Seeds, the only question you should ask yourself is... Are you really ready?

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