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The CBG Time Auto autoflowering marijuana seeds from PEV Bank Seeds represent the automatic flowering version of our cannabigerol-rich CBG Time strain. This genetics is revolutionary, because it hardly produces THC, but its effect is very medicinal thanks to its high content of CBG.

What is the genetics of these seeds?

This is a cross between the feminized CBG Time and our pure chemotype autoflowering in CBD, the CBD Time Auto . During the creation of this new hybrid, dozens of specimens were analyzed, and only those that maintained the levels of CBG and THC that we are looking for were used.

How is CBG Time Auto in general terms?

In its first stages of life it grows very compact, keeping the nodes very close together and forming a large number of new shoots in very little space. Shortly before showing the pre-flowers it begins to stretch, and the branches can reach almost at the same height as the main tip.

The flowering cycle is very fast, and the changes can be seen practically daily, especially at the beginning of this phase, when grow several centimeters per day at the same time that it begins to show the first buds.

How are these seeds grown indoors and outdoors?

If you want to obtain the best results indoors, the ideal is to sow the seeds in the final pot, which is better if it is 11 or 15 liters. You can put 9 plants / m2, with All-Mix substrate or similar, and it is very interesting to add trichoderma and / or mycorrhiza, both to the soil and to the first waterings. These plants love to have the maximum light time each day, so we recommend putting a continuous photoperiod of 20 hours of light and 4 of darkness each day.

In outdoor crops you can harvest several crops a year, especially in places with a temperate climate. During spring and summer they produce more than in autumn or winter, but to better squeeze their performance in these seasons, use pots of more than 20 liters capacity. These plants prefer to be cultivated without pruning, although in In some cases it may be good to remove the lower branches to enhance production in the most illuminated parts.

When are CBG Time Auto harvested?

Its complete life cycle is about 75 days, counting from seed germination to harvest.. Grown outdoors it may need a few more days when weather conditions are not ideal. With these varieties it is important to respect their maturity to achieve the highest possible content of cannabigerol, but it must be said that the effect does not vary much by harvesting something earlier.

How much do these seeds produce under normal conditions?

If you follow the cultivation advice I gave you above, you will get a great yield without many problems. Indoors it is feasible to get more than 17.6 oz per 3x3ft  (500 grams / m2) , and outdoors each plant can give you more than (100 grams ) 3,6 oz/plant dry. Resin production is very high too, so CBG Time Auto can be considered a fairly commercial strain.

How is the taste and aroma of CBG Time Auto?

It is a mix between citrus, sweet and spicy, and after a minimum curing it gains a lot in intensity. It is a very soft smoke , which is best enjoyed in a vaporizer, but the combustion does not detract from its quality. During cultivation it does not smell much, but once dry it must be kept tightly closed because it stinks.

How is the effect of this cannabis?

It is only medicinal because it does not put anything, and the mind is kept totally clean. It could even be said that it keeps you more focused and awake, with greater power of concentration, although a great relaxation of the body is clearly appreciated.

Consumers who need cannabis medicinally can see CBG Time Auto as a great ally, because its effect is perfect for treating certain pain, calming anxiety or stress, or simply achieving total relaxation.

Buy PEV Bank Seeds CBG Time Auto Seeds at the best price online

If you were looking for fully therapeutic marijuana seeds, this genetics is for you, because you can take advantage of its multiple benefits without being high, something that many people they need for their day to day.

At Pevgrow we offer you the best quality / price ratio on the market, guaranteed, so much so that if you find these cheaper seeds in any other store, we will give them to you directly.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Banks: Banks PEV Seeds
Genetics: Genetics CBG Time x CBD Time Auto
Phenotype: Phenotype Indica 30%/ Sativa 60%/ Ruderalis 10%
Indoor production: Indoor production 17.6 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 3,6 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 75 days
THC: THC 0,1%
CBG: CBG 12%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Citrus
Symptoms: Symptoms Pains
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