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Spanish Seeds is a Spanish marijuana seed bank reputed both nationally and internationally for its bulk cannabis seeds.Read more

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From $8,87
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Spanish Seeds is always creating hybrids of the highest quality and a lot of genetic weight, betting on the combination between classics of a lifetime.

Now and after years making an important gap within the sector, open their horizons with the opening of the new line Spanish Seeds CBD, composed of varieties with high content in CBD and great value as medical marijuana. 


Spanish Seeds CBD Catalogue 2019 


Short but resounding, this is how the offer of varieties rich in cannabidiol offered by Spanish Seeds can be defined. Always in constant development and research, the breeders of the Spanish bank are in the process of creating new varieties that will soon see the light and promise to meet the expectations of smokers as demanding as you.


Industrial Plant Auto CBD 

This variety was the first incorporation of Spanish Seeds to the world of varieties rich in CBD and arises from the combination of genes between the Industrial Plant and a CBD Pure, marking the path in terms of qualitative levels and production that their successors should follow. 

In indoor crops, place it in 11 litre pots with a substrate of coconut fibre and earthworm humus, under the intensity of an HPS spotlight with 600w of power at 18 hours of light throughout the crop cycle. The production is excellent, 500 grams per m2 with ease, so it is an ideal plant for those who are starting in the world of self-cultivation of marijuana. 

Outdoors, put it in a large 25-litre pot from the start with Canna Terra Professional, the best value for money and always offering very good results. If you get enough sun and a correct fertilizer, productivity can reach 100 grams per plant


OG Kush CBD 

OG Kush CBD is one of the varieties rich in CBD, which have captivated me the most and you can be sure that I have tried hundreds. Its genetics is pure legend in the U.S., the best-selling variety for decades, which has acquired its high levels of CBD by mixing it with a Pure CBD

Indoors, it stands out for its ease of cultivation, perfect for those who do not even have any experience in the matter, they can get their best version. To exploit its most productive side and get up to 550 grams per m2, the best option is to put it in a pot of 11 liters, with which you will fit 9 plants per m2. 

Outdoors, flowering is stretched until mid-October. I recommend you not to opt for transplants to encourage growth if you have no experience, you can damage the roots and spoil much of the crop. Growing, to grow strong and healthy, in addition to stretching further, add Green Explosion from Top Crop, you'll get fantastic results. Yields reach up to 1100 grams per plant.

Its taste is very special, a pleasant blend of wood and Diesel.


Amnesia CBD 

The original Amnesia is one of the queens of THC and one of the most potent effects I have ever tasted, it is now softened and becomes a much quieter variety, for all audiences who previously considered it excessively beast. For it, the breeders of Spanish Seeds, have combined it with a Pure CBD. 

Indoors, you're going to have to keep it at bay, because it's a plant that tends to stretch a lot, so you'll have to apply pruning or place it in 9-litre pots to eat up the space the roots have to grow. In flowering, add bat guano to the mixture, provide greater immunity to pest attacks and improve the flavor and aroma of the final product. The production is 550 grams per m2

Outdoors, give it all the space it needs and it will become the plant it wants to become, tall and very branched. Growing, to encourage optimal development, Grotek's Monster Grow provides essential minerals and nutrients. If you are an expert, you can get up to 1100 grams per plant. 

Its taste is very Haze, powerful and full-bodied, with a very special earthy finish. 

Now available in your trusted online growshop, the catalog of marijuana seeds rich in CBD from Spanish Seeds

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