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What is the top 50 of the best strains today? That is a question that we are asked very often, and it is that many growers want to try the most demanded in the world, those seeds with a lot of hype that are discussed so much on social networks and cannabis forums. For this reason we have decided to create a category to bring together the top 50 marijuana strains of the moment, so that you can decide between the best indicas, sativas, and hybrids just by taking a look on this page. Good idea, right? So let's start…

Top 50 of the best weed varieties to grow in 2023

1. Wedding Cake

After being awarded in prestigious cannabis competitions such as the Emerald Cup, Highlife Cup, or the Karma Cup among others, Wedding Cake became the most demanded variety in the USA and other countries. The truth is that it is well deserved, because it combines a great production of buds and resin with a unique flavor, its cultivation is quite simple, and the best thing is that it causes an effect that satisfies all types of consumers, very complete in all senses.

Marijuana seeds with Wedding Cake genetics

2. Ice Cream Cake

Thanks to the first place in the 2019 Emerald Cup, this plant fully entered the top 50 of the best marijuana varieties, and since then it has not stopped climbing positions until reaching second position. It is a cross between Gelato#33 x Wedding Cake, and it has the softness and freshness of the flavor of Gelato mixed with the genuine vanilla touch of the wedding cake, with a range of colors that go from light green to the most intense purple.

Cake Marijuana seeds with Ice Cream Cake genetics

3. Runtz

Another Californian plant that could reach the first place in this top of the best 50 varieties of yerba because every year it climbs several positions. For the creation of this strain, 2 of the best genetics of all time were used, Gelato and Zkittlez, famous for their sweet flavors and the large amount of trichomes they produce. His fame is reaching such a point that today most commercial seed banks have some version or cross of Runtz.

Marijuana seeds with Runtz genetics

4. Gelato

Although it was the first in the top 50 best varieties of 2021, this year it has dropped to fourth place, and not because its quality has worsened, but because other more recent genetics have surpassed it. Like the 3 previous strains, Gelato also originated in the state of California, more specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the great Sherbinski crossed his beloved Sunset Sherbert with the fantastic Girl Scout Cookies to shape this impressive cannabis plant.

Marijuana seeds with Gelato genetics

5. Apple Fritter 

It is possible that Apple Fritter is the strain that has risen the most positions throughout this year, so much so that it has entered the fifth position of this top of the 50 most outstanding varieties of 2023. Originally created by Lumpy's Flowers, it is about a combination between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, and stands out for its impressive dark colors, its sticky layer of resin, its powerful relaxing effect, and above all for the intense flavor reminiscent of apple pie.

Marijuana seeds with Apple Fritter genetics

6. Gorilla Glue

Another genetics that came to conquer number 1 of the 50 best cannabis strains a few years ago, and that is still in the top 10. Its history is like a movie, because it arose by chance through an accidental cross caused by the sexual instability of the famous Chem Sister. Its name comes to mind, because it has the stickiest resin you can imagine, with an impressive concentration of trichomes, and an amount of THC that exceeds 25% in many cases.

Marijuana seeds with Gorilla Glue genetics

7. Blue Dream

A classic that does not go out of style for many years to pass. If we were to do a top 50 of the best strains of the 90's, Blue Dream would definitely be in the top 3, because this cross between Super Silver Haze and Blueberry has everything you could look for in a cannabis plant. Outstanding hybrid vigour, high bud production, striking colors, delicious flavor, and an effect that starts out very stimulating but over time becomes very relaxing.

Marijuana seeds with Blue Dream genetics

8. Biscotti

Another excellent work by the Cookie Fam, the group that has changed the cannabis market forever, to the point that at least 20% of this top 50 best strains of 2023 came from their hands. In this case, they crossed Gelato#25 with Florida OG to give shape to this new strain that, in a certain way, recalls the flavor of the sugary cookies that give it its name, and has an effect that affects both body and mind, keeping you relaxed but focused. and in a good mood.

Marijuana seeds with Biscotti genetics

9. Purple Punch

In a top 50 of the best indica varieties, it would surely be on the podium, because this cross between Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG has captivated everyone who tries it. She is the muse of the Symbiotic Genetics seed bank, one of the fastest growing worldwide over the last five years, and champions such as Mimosa or Wedding Crasher, among many others, have emerged from it. It stands out for its colors and its extreme power, but in general it is a very complete plant.

Marijuana seeds with Purple Punch genetics

10. GMO

Although it is not a genetically modified variety, it really looks like it due to the exaggerated amount of trichomes that cover the buds, the leaves, and even many of its stems. It was developed by the Mamiko Seeds bank from the cross between Chem D and the Forum Cookies clone, and from these seeds a great phenotype appeared, selected by the breeder Skunk Master Flex that has traveled around the world in a few years thanks to its unique characteristics.

Marijuana seeds with GMO genetics

11. Cereal Milk

Within the wide range of marijuana strains with the smell and taste of desserts, there is one that stands out for its original dairy flavor, and although it has only been on the commercial circuit for a short time, it has already become one of the most consumed in the USA. It is none other than Cereal Milk, another Cookie Fam jewel that combines Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie and Snowman and it seems that it has taken the best of each one, because in addition to its great mid-palate it offers a high-quality effect.

Marijuana seeds with Cereal Milk genetics

12. Gushers

What happens when you mix one of the best Gelato clones with the best OG Kush? Well, among other things, it results in one of the best herbs in this top 50 best varieties of 2023. Although it has exceptional organoleptic qualities, from our point of view the most relevant thing about Gushers is the morphology of its flowers due to its low proportion of leaves, and the medicinal effect that it gives us, especially to treat chronic pain, depression or anxiety.

Marijuana seeds with Gushers genetics

13. Girl Scout Cookies

It has been more than a decade since this polyhybrid that revolutionized the cannabis market appeared on the scene, and it is still among the favorites of millions of consumers. This top 50 of the best marijuana strains is full of descendants of GSC, and although there are some that have surpassed it in popularity in recent years, we cannot forget the plant that originated this unparalleled phenomenon. Its morphology is so unique that it can be recognized with the naked eye.

Marijuana seeds with Girl Scout Cookies genetics

14. Dosidos

Also known as Do-Si-Dos, it is a great work by the breeder ThaDocta from the Archive Seeds bank, who crossed OGKB Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG Bx1 without knowing that the result would go down in history for offering one of the most powerful effects of all the times. The flavor of this weed is similar to the Girl Scouts' peanut butter sandwich cookies, but with a fizzy twist inherited from their Chem ancestors.

Marijuana seeds with Dosidos genetics

15. Miracle Alien Cookies

You can also find it with the names MAC or MAC1, it is a polyhybrid created by the breeder Capulator through the fusion between Alien Cookies and a cross between Colombian x Starfighter. It is very striking at first glance due to the incredible concentration of trichomes it shows, one of the highest in history without a doubt, but it has many other qualities such as its intense aroma and flavor, its good production of buds, and without forgetting its extreme power.

Marijuana seeds with Miracle Alien Cookies genetics

16. Slurricane

It is surely the most famous work of In House Genetics, one of the most popular seed banks in recent years. Its genetics is made up of the combination of 2 strains that appear in this top of the 50 best marijuana strains of the moment, Dosidos and Purple Punch. It is a mainly indica polyhybrid that has a very particular creamy, fruity and fizzy taste, and its THC content can exceed 30%.

Marijuana seeds with Slurricane genetics

17. Mimosa

After winning several trophies in cannabis competitions held between 2017 and 2019, Mimosa began to be on everyone's lips thanks to its prominent flavor in this prestigious cocktail. It is the result of the cross between Clementine and Purple Punch, and it has so much limonene in its chemotype that inhaling its smoke is the closest thing to tasting a citrus drink. It is one of those flavors that invite you to consume more and more, but its effect is so powerful that a few puffs are enough to feel it in all its intensity.

Mimosa Marijuana seeds with Mimosa genetics

18. Kush Mints

Variety maintained as a clone selected by the Seedjunky Genetics bank among many copies of the cross between Bubba Kush x Animal Mints. Its effect is not suitable for all audiences, and although it is mostly Indica, it must be said that it also causes intense mental stimulation. This strain is special for cannabis extractions, because it combines an impressive amount of resin with high levels of essential oils, especially terpenes.

Marijuana seeds with Kush Mints genetics

19. Peanut Butter Breath

If you like those cannabis strains that leave a permanent taste in your mouth after smoking or vaping, you have to try Peanut Butter Breath because it can become your favorite herb. It is a fusion between Dosidos and Mendo Breath F2, and although it appears in the 19th position of this Top 50 of the most outstanding marijuana varieties of today, it is one of the ones that has increased its fame the most over the last few years. 12 months.

Marijuana seeds with Peanut Butter Breath genetics

20. Green Crack

Another classic that does not go out of fashion no matter how many years pass, on the contrary, it seems that it improves over the years, just as it happens with good wine. Also known as Cush (with a C), it came out of a random cross created in the early 1990s in Athens, Ohio and was baptized with the name Green Crack by the famous rapper Snoop Dog. Her genetics contain a great Skunk pheno from Super Sativa Seed Club and an Indica thought to be Afghan.

Marijuana seeds with Green Crack genetics

21.  Lava Cake

Alongside Apple Fritter, Cereal Milk, and Peanut Butter Breath, Lava Cake is the strain that has risen the most positions over the past year. The central pillar of this genetics is the Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint clone, which was combined with Grape Pie to try to intensify the flavor to unsuspected limits. Lava Cake dried flower is like a little treasure, it shines like a jewel thanks to its large resin layer, and the effect can be too powerful for people with low tolerance.

Marijuana seeds with Lava Cake genetics

22. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is another plant that emerged from the crossing of 2 varieties of this top 50, Gorilla Glue and Cookies And Cream. It is one of the best works of Exotic Genetix, and it can be said that it has brought out the best of each parent, the production of resin, buds, and cannabinoids from Gorilla, and the flavor, aroma and type of effect of Cookies And Cream. Its cultivation is quite simple and grateful, since with the minimum care it can give you a scandalous harvest.

Marijuana seeds with Grease Monkey genetics

23. Tropicana Cookies

The most famous variety of Oni Seed and one of the most striking plants of all time for its intense red colors. There are very pretty colorful strains, but it is unusual for even the resin to be of a bright color like that of Tropicana Cookies, special for making reddish concentrates. It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, so it has a much more citrus flavor than the rest of the representatives of the prestigious Cookies lineage, and its THC content can exceed 25%.

Marijuana seeds with Tropicana Cookies genetics

24. Wedding Crasher

Strain resulting from the cross between 2 specimens that are also present in this top 50 of the best weed varieties of the moment, and are also among the top 10, such as Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. With that genetics, it was clear that the seeds could not be bad, but I think that nobody expected plants of such quality to come out. It is more productive than Purple Punch and more potent than Wedding Cake, so it can be said that the offspring have surpassed the parents.

Marijuana seeds with Wedding Crasher genetics

25. Cherry Pie

It was not the first variety with a dessert flavor, but we think that it was the one that gave rise to all those that emerged from Girl Scout Cookies, because it was the predecessor of this genetics. Cherry Pie buds are hypnotic because they combine a deep purple color in the calyxes with orange pistils and a very shiny type of resin, something that makes them very appetizing. It is almost an F1 hybrid, because it came from the cross between Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple.

Marijuana seeds with Cherry Pie genetics

26. Sundae Driver

This delicious marijuana placed the Cannarado Genetics bank in the world showcase, thanks among other things to the Jungle Boys, who had Sundae Driver as one of their favorite strains for some time. It is a mainly indica polyhybrid composed of Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie, which will go down in history for its exquisite flavor but is also highly valued for its powerful quality effect, which teleports you to another dimension with just a few puffs.

Marijuana seeds with Sundae Driver genetics

27. Gary Payton

Gary Payton will always be remembered for his assists on the basketball court, but for some time this name has been heard more in the cannabis field than in sports thanks to a genetics that has fully entered this top 50 marijuana strains most in demand right now. She's kind of a Cookies backcross, because her genetics are made up of a combination of (Cookies x Cherry Pie) x Snowman, and the latter is a great Girl Scout Cookies pheno.

Marijuana seeds with Gary Payton genetics

28. Motorbreath

Impressive cross of Chemdog and OG Kush that has a very balanced chemotype, showing around 50% indica and sativa. It has a very particular gaseous, citric and chemical flavor, it produces buds harder than diamonds and its effect is one of those that affects body and mind in equal parts, very powerful in every way due to its high concentration of cannabinoids. A very complete variety and perfect for lovers of Kush strains.

Marijuana seeds with Motorbreath genetics

29. Pineapple Express

In this ranking of the best yerba varieties of 2023, a classic that has been among the favorites of millions of consumers around the planet for several decades could not be missing. It is thought that it appeared in Hawaii from a cross between Trainwreck strain and a variety from this Pacific archipelago, which could be one of the mythical Maui Wowie or Kona Gold. The most important thing is its intense pineapple aroma and flavor that gives it its name, but there are people who value its powerful sativa effect... A movie variety.

Marijuana seeds with Pineapple Express genetics

30. Zkittlez

Like Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue back in the day, Zkittlez ran into trouble for calling itself a well-known trademark, but that hasn't slowed its rise to cannabis glory, on the contrary, its taste is so special that it's earned a deserved place in the top 50 of the best weed strains. It is a fairly indica-dominant polyhybrid, formed from the cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and an indica strain that has not revealed its identity.

Marijuana seeds with Zkittlez genetics

31. Zookies

From our point of view, this plant should be much higher in this classification of the best marijuana seeds on the planet, and we are more than sure that next year it will be in the Top 10. It is a wild variety, because its genetics are It is made up of Animal Cookies x Gorilla Glue#4, so you can imagine the powerful cerebral and physical effect that it causes…impressive. The flavor is more on the Cookies side, vanilla cookie dough reminiscent of diesel.

Marijuana seeds with Zookies genetics

32. Forbidden Fruit

If you like cannabis with a powerful fruity flavor, you have to try the Forbidden Fruit weed, a strain that makes you fall in love since it begins to bloom due to the incredible acidic and sweet aroma that its buds give off. Its genetics fuses Cherry Pie with Tangie, something that can be clearly seen in its smoke, and the effect is very special because physically it is very relaxing but on a mental level it is very stimulating, so it leaves you in a kind of trance for several hours.

Fruit Marijuana seeds with Forbidden Fruit genetics

33. Jet Fuel

Diesel varieties stand out for a type of flavor that leaves no one indifferent, you usually love it or you just don't like it, with no middle ground. Jet Fuel takes the flavor of fuel to another dimension, but also offers high yields of flowers and resin, and a very high type of effect that allows it to work as long as there are no complex or dangerous activities to do. It emerged through the combination of Aspen OG and Bio-Diesel, 2 strains with Diesel ancestors.

Marijuana seeds with Jet Fuel genetics

34. Amnesia

For many people, Amnesia is the best Haze hybrid of all time, because it combines a very intense flavor with a great production of buds and trichomes, and also has the most powerful psychoactive effect you can imagine. It has won all kinds of cannabis competitions, and although it is over 20 years old, it is still among the most cultivated varieties, especially in Europe. Its popularity is so high that most seed banks in the old continent have it in their catalog, but below you can see the ones that we think are the best.

Marijuana seeds with Amnesia genetics

35. Blue Cookies

When you combine the best qualities of 2 champion varieties, the most normal thing is to get an outstanding genetics as has happened with Blue Cookies. It is a hybrid between Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, and has inherited the fruity flavor of the former, and the resin yield and type of effect of the latter. It is an easy-to-grow plant thanks to its hybrid vigour, which increases its resistance to stress and allows it to be cultivated by inexperienced people.

Marijuana seeds with Blue Cookies genetics

36. White Runtz

Runtz made such an impact when he appeared on the cannabis scene that hybrids of this tasty and potent cannabis quickly began to appear. We think that White Runtz may be the prodigal son because it has been created by the same breeders who made the original variety a reality, who in this case crossed the Runtz elite clone with another of the best American clones, The White. Thanks to this mixture, the production of buds and trichomes has increased without losing the delicious fruity flavor.

Marijuana seeds with Runtz genetics

37. Bruce Banner

The green cannabis monster continues to be in the top 50 favorite cannabis strains of millions of smokers, and the truth is that it is not surprising because it has everything that any consumer could wish for. It is an original cross between one of the best OG Kush phenotypes and the famous Strawberry Diesel, and it will go down in history for being one of the first strains to exceed 30% THC almost a decade ago. The taste is sour with a touch of strawberry and lemon, the kind that stick to the palate.

Marijuana seeds with Bruce Banner genetics

38. LA Kush Cake

Originally introduced by Seedjunky Genetics bank, LA Kush Cake has conquered the North American market in a short time and now its fame is spreading far and wide around the world. For its development, they mixed the best genes of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, 2 genetics that appear very well positioned in this top 50 of weed varieties. Its effect is extremely relaxing, one of those that leave you glued to the sofa for several hours.

Marijuana seeds with LA Kush Cake genetics

39. Sunset Sherbert

 This herb is different from all the others, both for its morphology and its effect, and above all for its organoleptic properties. This is due to its genetics, which contains a pure Asian sativa variety rarely used in the development of new hybrids, the exotic Burma. This plant was crossed with an OG Kush to form the Pink Panties variety, and the offspring was combined with Girl Scout Cookies to form the delicious and refreshing Sunset Sherbert.

Marijuana seeds with Sunset Sherbert genetics

40. Sour Diesel

If we were to make a top 50 of the best sativa strains, Sour Diesel would surely make it to the top of the list every year, because this polyhybrid encompasses many of the qualities we usually want in marijuana. It was a work developed over several years on the east coast of the United States, and comes from the legendary Original Diesel variety. It is a very invasive plant in its cultivation, with a high yield of flowers, a very intense flavor and a very euphoric type of effect.

Marijuana seeds with Sour Diesel genetics

41. Durban Poison

The only Landrace or pure breed of this top 50 best cannabis strains, and the truth is that it deserves it because it is a very special sativa. It comes from South Africa, and the fact of being from a latitude so far from the equator gives it some unique characteristics such as a much shorter flowering period than other pure sativas. In the 70s and 80s she became very famous, but then many years passed before she regained her great fame thanks to being part of the Girl Scout Cookies or Cherry Pie genetics.

Poison Marijuana seeds with Durban Poison genetics

42. Skywalker OG

One of the tastiest OGs in history, formulated by crossing the great Dutch Passion Skywalker with an OG Kush. It is a mostly indica hybrid, with a very powerful and long-lasting effect on the body, suitable as medical cannabis to treat muscle pain and tension, insomnia, nerves, stress or anxiety. The taste mixes the earthy and fruity of Blueberry with an acid and fizzy touch similar to that of OG Kush, and the best thing is that you don't have to be an expert to get a great harvest.

Marijuana seeds with Skywalker OG genetics

43. Gelatti

A variety of marijuana that can not miss in this Top 50 Strains of today, first by the famous genetic contains, which combines Gelato and Biscotti, but also because it is facilitating the appearance of some of the best seeds of the moment. Its aroma fuses the gaseous touch of their ancestors with the sweet background of the Cookies family. To fully enjoy its powerful effect must have a minimum of tolerance to THC, because it causes a very intense and lasting psychoactivity.

Marijuana seeds with Gelatti genetics

44. Birthday Cake

The best gift that can be given to you on your birthday, because this work by Cannarado Genetics will fill your life with joy and happiness. It is an S1 variety, because it emerged from the self-pollination of Cherry Cookies, which is a plant made up of Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies. It is very compact in general, one of those varieties that concentrate most of the bud production in the main cola, and its aroma is clearly reminiscent of cherry cookies.

Cake Marijuana seeds with Birthday Cake genetics

45. Animal Mints

For the elaboration of this polyhybrid, the breeders of Seedjunky Genetics chose the SinMint Cookies variety from Sin City Seeds to mix it with their Animal Cookies, and we don't know if they did it randomly but the result is really surprising. To enjoy this weed 100%, you need more consumption experience than cultivation experience, because anyone can achieve great results, but if you do not have a high tolerance for powerful cannabis, you can have a hard time.

Marijuana seeds with Animal Mints genetics

46. Grape Ape 

Updated version of the legendary Grandaddy Purple, with the same colorful buds, the same flower production, the same flowering speed, exactly the same flavor, and how could it be otherwise, the same type of effect, the most therapeutic for million medical cannabis users. It tastes very intensely fruity, mostly grapes, but also grapefruit and mango, and is so hardy that even novice growers can get a bumper crop.

Marijuana seeds with Grape Ape genetics

47. Italian Ice

If you liked the Gelato variety, you will love Italian ice cream because it maintains the softness, sweetness and creaminess of its smoke, but with a much more intense fruity flavor. It was created from the fusion between Forbidden Fruit and Gelato #45, and they are very manageable plants that can be shaped to the taste of the grower. The production of trichomes, terpenes and cannabinoids is one of the highest we have found, so its effect is more powerful than that of other Gelato genetics.

Marijuana seeds with Italian Ice genetics

48. Black Diamond

This genetics has gone from being practically unknown to getting directly into the top 50 of the best marijuana varieties on the planet. Until recently, it was only moved in clone form by a small number of growers in Northern California, but now it can be found in seed format. Some people call it Black Diamond OG, Black Diamondz, Black Diamond Kush or Black Diamonds, and we think that in a short time it will be on everyone's lips for its outstanding quality.

Marijuana seeds with Black Diamond genetics

49. Cookies And Cream

At the time it became the best hybrid of Cookies, and although a few years have passed since then, it is still among the top 50 varieties. To date it is the best known work of the Exotic Genetix bank, and it came from the cross between Cookies and the powerful Starfighter F2. The photos of the buds of this plant caused a sensation due to the exaggerated amount of large trichomes that it shows, and its effect is very powerful thanks to the level of THC that can exceed 25%.

Marijuana seeds with Cookies And Cream genetics

50. Banana OG

The preferred flavor of millions of cannabis consumers, a perfect relationship between outstanding organoleptic properties and a type of effect that combines quality with extreme potency. The extractions of this variety are excellent, it produces so much resin and is of such a size that returns of over 25% can be achieved, and by concentrating its aromatic compounds it becomes a true gourmet product. Its buds are not very bulky but have an incredible density and hardness.

Marijuana seeds with Banana OG genetics

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